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Micro Station

The Micro Station has been designed by engineers with many years experience in the
industrial air cleaning technology. By applying of an unique 3-stage separation
technology it's suitable for clean up fluids, slurries, fine dust up to 1 micron and granules
like metal chips without loosing suction power.

The Micro Station is a multi purpose machine and designed for vacuum and pressure
applications. We have developed several accessories for changing the functionality of
the machine in a few minutes.

What do you think about:
- sieving or screening of powders under vacuum conditions;
- dust removing (dedusting) from products such as tea or granules under vacuum
- pneumatic transport from A to B;
- use in cleanrooms, hospitals with an extra 4th stage Hepa or ultra Hepafilters
  (zero emission);
- blowing off water from your washed products with 300 km per hour;
- blowing off dust from your product;
- creating a vacuum in processes, where fine dust also can be extracted


You can cleanup "almost" everything with the Micro Station. Granules, small stones, fluids 
such as water, metal chips with cooling oil, slurry or simply fine dust doesn't give suction 
problems. With the unique 3-stage separation and a powerful vacuum pump you will enjoy
a constant suction power for a long time.

The Micro Station is ideal for cleaning up purposes around and in polluting machines or 
polluted working areas. Such as:
- wood and metal cutting machines;
- extruders;
- powder or granules packing machines;
- powder coating cabinets;
- powders and food blenders;
- metal construction companies;
- wood processing companies. 


With the Hurricane Blowing lance you can remove heavier material, granules, dust and 
other dirt or product from difficult places like slits and small openings of machines or 
production lines.
With 300 km per hour of blowing speed you have a powerful blower you never felt before. 
The lance has a tube diameter of 30 mm and a length of 300 mm at the end. With this you 
can simply clean up your machine fast. Including the difficult to reach product or dirt you find 
in narrow spaces.


With the Deduster APP you can separate dust (fines) from your product. The result is a 
cleaner machine, cleaner work surroundings and a cleaner packaged product. This APP 
is designed and adapted on the air quantities, the Micro Station can provide. The capacity
is relatively small, but in practice sufficient enough to clean up your product for the packing 
machine supply hopper.

To understand the functioning of the Deduster APP, you can download an animation from
the download page and watch how it works.
The following powders, granules and pellets are processable:
- polypropylene;
- Calcium;
- plastic;
- rubber;
- dried vegetables;
- tea;
- coffee powder;
- rice;
- EPDM rubber granules;
- minerals;
- pet granules;
- sugar;
- salt;
- carbon pellets;
- ABS granules;
- herbs;
- pvc granules;
- animal feed;
- fish feed;
- polyethylene;
- corn.



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